Garage No-$ale

I’m back after a long hiatus from this blog I keep reviving (just barely).  This has been one crazy year, and there’s still one more month to go.  However, I’m going to go back in time a couple months and tell you about my first garage sale.  First and last, that is.

I started to talk about having a garage sale last year, but always found a reason not to have one.  Those reasons varied from ‘not the right weekend’, to ‘it’s too hot’, to ‘anyone else wanna do something so I don’t have to have a garage sale’.  This year, however, I didn’t want to repeat those, even though (in addition to the classic reasons) I did have new reasons such as going out of town, or having visitors in town.  These things did actually happen, FYI.

So after a busy Spring and Summer, I finally decided to have my first garage sale the 2nd weekend of September.  I selected this weekend as the weekend prior was Labor Day and many would be out of town, hence lower sales.  I made a list of all of the items I wanted to sell and assigned prices I deemed reasonable.  I then made some signs to hang on my street, and even posted a sign at the Starbucks.  Surely people would be more motivated to walk down the other end of their block after getting their coffee.  I do it all the time! – loyal Starbucks customer.  Last but not least, I placed an ad on Craigslist that morning and was open for business at 9:30 am sharp.

I was hoping to sell the desk and the headboard as shown in the pics.  After about an hour of sitting under the hot California sun, I was now hoping to sell at least one thing.  Only 5 people came by to see what great treasures I had, but weren’t interested in anything.  One mother even had the nerve to ask me if this was all I had for sale.  (Sure lady, let me take you to my super-secret sale of really cool stuff that’s not on display.)  It was almost 11 with another hour as advertised, but after getting too hot from sitting outside and retreating to the passenger side of my car for shade, I concluded this garage sale a complete bust.  I retrieved my signs, put my stuff back inside my garage, and grabbed a glass of water to cool me down.

Besides my lack of advertising efforts, I’ve been told that I started my garage sale too late in the morning.  I guess people like to go to garage sales as early as 6 am to find all of the great treasures, but it’s the weekend and I for one like to sleep in.  Although I no longer plan to have any future garage sales, I still plan to sell these items using Craigslist and LetGo.  So be on the lookout for those ads and please buy my stuff!


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