Garage No-$ale

I’m back after a long hiatus from this blog I keep reviving (just barely).  This has been one crazy year, and there’s still one more month to go.  However, I’m going to go back in time a couple months and tell you about my first garage sale.  First and last, that is.

I started to talk about having a garage sale last year, but always found a reason not to have one.  Those reasons varied from ‘not the right weekend’, to ‘it’s too hot’, to ‘anyone else wanna do something so I don’t have to have a garage sale’.  This year, however, I didn’t want to repeat those, even though (in addition to the classic reasons) I did have new reasons such as going out of town, or having visitors in town.  These things did actually happen, FYI.

So after a busy Spring and Summer, I finally decided to have my first garage sale the 2nd weekend of September.  I selected this weekend as the weekend prior was Labor Day and many would be out of town, hence lower sales.  I made a list of all of the items I wanted to sell and assigned prices I deemed reasonable.  I then made some signs to hang on my street, and even posted a sign at the Starbucks.  Surely people would be more motivated to walk down the other end of their block after getting their coffee.  I do it all the time! – loyal Starbucks customer.  Last but not least, I placed an ad on Craigslist that morning and was open for business at 9:30 am sharp.

I was hoping to sell the desk and the headboard as shown in the pics.  After about an hour of sitting under the hot California sun, I was now hoping to sell at least one thing.  Only 5 people came by to see what great treasures I had, but weren’t interested in anything.  One mother even had the nerve to ask me if this was all I had for sale.  (Sure lady, let me take you to my super-secret sale of really cool stuff that’s not on display.)  It was almost 11 with another hour as advertised, but after getting too hot from sitting outside and retreating to the passenger side of my car for shade, I concluded this garage sale a complete bust.  I retrieved my signs, put my stuff back inside my garage, and grabbed a glass of water to cool me down.

Besides my lack of advertising efforts, I’ve been told that I started my garage sale too late in the morning.  I guess people like to go to garage sales as early as 6 am to find all of the great treasures, but it’s the weekend and I for one like to sleep in.  Although I no longer plan to have any future garage sales, I still plan to sell these items using Craigslist and LetGo.  So be on the lookout for those ads and please buy my stuff!


#6 – Mount Soledad: a cross I can now cross off my SD bucket list

This was on my list for a couple reasons.  The first reason was for the spectacular views you could see of all of San Diego and La Jolla.  The second reason was that there has been constant talk of taking down the cross under the order of the federal government, and I wanted to see it before that happens.   It’s about a 45 minute drive from downtown San Diego to the top of the mountain.  Shortly after creating my SD bucket list, I had planned an afternoon to venture up there.  Unfortunately, it was really overcast that particular day so I decided to go back another time.  That time finally happened on New Years’ Day in 2014.

Before I talk more about my trip up there, I want to provide a brief history for those unfamiliar with this memorial.  The present cross is the third Christian cross in that location, being erected in 1954.   It stands 29 ft tall and has a 12 ft arm spread (good thing I brought my measuring tape!).



Before the area surrounding the cross was turned into a war memorial around 1999, many  opponents believe it is illegal to display a religious symbol on public land as it violates the separation of church and state.  And many judges have agreed and ordered to have the cross taken down.  The City of San Diego then sold the land in 1998 to a non-profit group, the Mount Soledad Memorial Association.  The following year was when the cross was transformed into the centerpiece for the new Korean War memorial.  Then the land under the cross was transferred to the federal government and although it was a legal transfer, there are still objections to this structure.  In December 2013, another judge ordered the removal of the cross within 90 days.  Upon hearing that news, I decided I needed to get up there before it was gone for good.

It was a beautiful New Years’ Day and after having brunch with some friends in town visiting, we decided to make the trip to Mount Soledad.

After taking many pictures, we then drove back down the mountain to enjoy a lovely sunset and delicious cocktail at George’s at the Cove.


I just noticed that the guy’s arm and my straw make a cross.

So what happened to the cross, you ask?  Well, there was a forthcoming appeal by the federal government so the cross stayed.  After some more legal stuff, the cross is not only still there, but there’s now plans to make more space for the memorial.  This is good news for those who want to see the cross at the memorial and of course, the beautiful views.


#1 and done! The San Diego Zoo

If I could travel back in time, this post would have been written 3 1/2 years ago which is when I finally fulfilled the number 1 item on my SD bucket list: The San Diego Zoo.

Now here’s a couple of rather pathetic revelations for you.  I moved to San Diego in 2002 and finally went to the zoo in 2012 – ten years later!  Something else, I live about a mile away.  However, I just never made an effort to go all of these years.  So when my mom was in town during my birthday, I gave her one option and one option only – the zoo.  The last time I went to a zoo I think was back in 1999 or 2000.  That was the zoo in Phoenix, AZ which I have to say was one of the most depressing zoos I’ve ever been to.  And the last time I went to the San Diego Zoo was on a field trip in elementary school.  If I remembered the year, I wouldn’t tell you anyways.  😉

We started off our zoo adventure/my birthday at Albert’s – known as a “restaurant in a treehouse”.  They’re also known for their private waterfall, but we unfortunately couldn’t see it from where we were sitting.  I can’t recall what I ate, but I’m sure it was delicious.  I see that you can now make reservations on Open Table to avoid having to wait for a table.

So my verdict?  The zoo is awesome!  We had the best time seeing all the animals-lions and tigers and bears.  Actually we didn’t see any bears-they were being fed or something.  However, we also saw tons of exotic birds, some elephants, hippos, a couple of very lazy pandas, and some monkeys and gorillas.  Here’s some of the highlights and a couple of pics from the day.

Animals I saw peeing: 3

Animal altercations witnessed: 4

Animal butts: too many to count!




SD bucket list: I’ve done some things and I haven’t done some things

When I created my San Diego bucket list a few years ago, I did have a goal to do all 10 things I listed.  However, like most things in life, things change.  So I decided to revisit this list, showing all of the things that I can officially cross off or in some cases, take off the list altogether.  Some of my older posts already show a couple of the things I did such as Stone Brewery in Escondido and visiting the San Diego Museum of Art.  I do plan to write in more detail about the things I’ve done off this list.  In the meantime, here’s a brief update:

1. San Diego Zoo-check!

2. Wild Animal Park

3. December Nights

4. Stone Brewery in Escondido-check!

5. Take the ferry from Embarcadero to Coronado and ride my bike around the island

6. Visit Mount Soledad-check!

7. Go to Comic-Con-check!

8. Go to at least 2 exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art-Unfortunately, it’s been more like 1 exhibit every other year with the last one being in January 2015.  I’d like to keep that twice-yearly goal though.

9. Visit the Star of India

10. See a play at the Old Globe Theater

I’m not sure I’ll continue to keep 9 and 10 on my list, but they’ll both stay for now.  As for items 2, 3 and 5, those I’m considering deleting from my list.  In fact, I’ve definitely decided to erase December Nights.  I’m going to sound like a grinch here, but I haven’t been in the holiday spirit for some time so the thought of dealing with large crowds of people (many with strollers), traffic, and non-stop “holly jolly” songs just makes me wanna go all Bah-Humbag!

So what should I add in place of December Nights?  Well, I have a couple ideas which I’m thinking would be fun:

Whale & dolphin watching tour – My company treated us to a 2-hour Hornblower cruise a couple years ago, which I highly recommend for anyone visiting or living in San Diego.  We even got to go under the Coronado Bridge and hear about all of the cool Navy ships.  Check out for ticket prices and times.  Hornblower cruises also offers whale & dolphin watching tours in the winter time (December-April).  According to Hornblower’s website, the tour is about 3.5 hours long and costs $45 on a weekend day and departs either at 9:30 am or 1:30 pm.   Bonus: if you don’t see a whale of any kind, they’ll give you a pass for another whale watching tour to use in the same season so you don’t feel totally cheated.

Old Town Trolley tour – I see these trolleys all over town and they always seem so touristy.  However, there is a great feeling to be a tourist in the city you live in.  You might even learn something.  The Old Town Trolley tour is a hop-on/hop-off all day tour that stops at 11 destinations around town and picks up every 30 minutes so you’re not stranded anywhere.  Bonus: it also stops at the Star of India which would check #9 off my list!  Tickets are available for online purchase for $35.10 on

Any other ideas on what I should add to my SD bucket list?  Please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Stay tuned for more about my SD bucket list and other fun things to do in America’s finest city.


A few years ago, I began this blog for a social media class I was taking.  I created a San Diego bucket list and was well underway with fulfilling this list.  And then, I took a break. A really, really long break.  I thought of creating an entirely new blog and as I logged back into WordPress, I kept looking back at what could have been and what there could still be with this blog.  My bucket list is far from complete.  Why should I limit my bucket list to just one city?  Also, why should I limit my blog to just a bucket list when there’s plenty of other things to do and write about?

It’s time to resurrect this blog and take it beyond the limits.

This blog is no longer for a class.  It’s for rediscovering myself and who I care to become as I embark on the next chapter of my life.  Most importantly, it’s about having a good time, making great memories to look back on, and smile (maybe even laugh about).  I hope that you enjoy this resurrected blog and that you are someone whocares2know.


p.s. Yes, there will be Zane.

SD Bucket List #7-Comic-Con: It’s gonna happen!!!

About 30 minutes ago, I purchased my ticket to go to this year’s Comic-Con (bucket list item #7).  I’m so excited that I actually updated my status on Facebook for the first time in a long time (and already have 3 likes).

Now, being as it will be my first time attending this massive convention, I’m only going on that Saturday which is known as Star Wars Day.  I don’t plan to wear a costume, but I do plan to take lots of pictures of those who are.  I also hope to see a couple of panels, but at this time of writing, the panel schedule is not available.

I definitely plan to document my first Comic-Con experience on here and upload many pics (or a link to them) when the time comes.  I’m just so stoked to finally go!!!

Peace, Love and May the force be with you!